Jeesus and Realigion
(plus Philosophy,
African American Studies,
and Summer School English!)
Welcometo this Providence St Mel High School religion coursescorner of the wild and woolly world.I'm Mr. Boswelland I teach PSM High School religion courses and a bit more.If you have questions contact or 773-722-4600 x3041"Jeesus" is just Jesus with a little sizzle and pop,accent on the first syllable."Realigion" is just those many ways we "human beans"wrestle with the real live real tough real funissues and questions about reality and God.
At Providence St Mel9th graders have a semester course on Jesus,10th graders have a semester course on World Relgions,11th graders have a semester course on Scripture,12th graders are too smart for meand have a different teacher for Morality.11th/12th graders can also take Philosophy, 10th/11th/12th graders can take African American Studies.Various folk take Summer School English.I hope you will find here things that make you learn, grow, love and laugh.If not just send me $10 or make a suggestion and I'll try to do better...Cordially, a Jeesus follower,Ted Boswell