Extra Credit

Memory Verses

There is normally a memory verse quiz on Friday or the last day of the week in short weeks.
That week's memory verse is required, and needs to be written word for word from memory in the quiz.
The reference (book, chapter, and verse) must also be accurately given.
Students can also get .5 points extra credit for each additional week's memory verse(s) that they can write down accurately. Students may write down as many as they can in the time alloted. Some students end up with a quiz score of 7 out of 5, 2 points extra credit, and they do it week after week. Verses can be used week after week.
Note those extra credit points go into your quiz/test category.
Be smart, take advantage of the opportunity to push your grade up-up-up.

August 16-20 Homework

Monday Hwk --- Study syllabus, 5 point quiz on it and class rules, Tuesday
Tuesday Hwk --- Explain your personal religious views in one full page. ANY views or acceptable. If you aren't sure what you think, that's fine, write down what you're unsure about and what questions you have, perhaps why you think you have them.
Wednesday Hwk --- Finish Golden Rule Worksheet discussed and begun in class today.
Thursday Hwk --- Create hand drawn graph, prepare for Memory Verse Quiz on Friday.
Friday Hwk --- Fill out graphic organizer on 8 dimensions of religion.


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