Welcome, Summer School Students!
This is the place to come for assignments and materials for PSM Summer School English 2013.

Monday, June 17 --- HWK: 1. Review syllabus, sign form and get parental/guardian signature after their review. 2. Read Gift of the Magi, page 153 in Orange Literature Book (from classroom). Do questions 1-4 and 8 on page 159. Write the Words to Know (at bottoms of pages) and definitions in your vocabulary list. Vocabulary quiz will be Thursday. Don't forget complete heading at top of your work. 3. PSM Mission Statement memorization quiz Tuesday. If a new student, you were supposed to have this done for Monday. The mission statement is on page 3 of your handbook. 4. Looking ahead, there is a supply check on Wednesday and also on that day a quiz on all classmates' names, both first and last, and yes, spelling counts!

Tuesday, June 18 --- HWK: 1. Be ready for supply check on Wednesday. 2. Be ready for classmate name quiz on Wednesday. 3. Finish Kite Runner or Redemption homework begun in class. 4. Prepare three possible research topics, stating each in a sentence. 5. Do the Thoreau reading and questions given in class or found just below this.

Wednesday, June 19 ---- Homework --- 1. Your TKR or RDP reading and questions. 2. Prepare for vocabulary quiz Thursday.
3. If you didn't finish in class today, prepare a simple statement of your chosen research topic and a citation for one source.

Thursday, June 20 --- Homework --- 1. TKR Two or RDP Prologue 2 reading and questions.

Friday, June 21 --- Homework --- 1. TKR ThreeFourFiveSix (pp. 12-58) or RDP Adelbert & Blanche (pp.31-62) 2. At least three pages handwritten notes for your research paper (style of notes does not matter), and a draft of a thesis and at least two arguments/evidences for it. Remember to make a citation for each source you take notes from. Eventually you will need at least four sources for your paper.
2. Prepare for Monday test, which will cover grammar (nouns, pronouns, apostrophe--both possessive and contractions), TKR or RDP reading so far, PSM history so far, and poetry so far, essay first paragraph.

Here is the further Kite Runner homework, followed by the Redemption homework.