Extra Credit

Memory Verses

There is normally a memory verse quiz on Friday or the last day of the week in short weeks.
That week's memory verse is required, and needs to be written word for word from memory in the quiz.
The reference (book, chapter, and verse) must also be accurately given.
Students can also get .5 points extra credit for each additional week's memory verse(s) that they can write down accurately, or for the verse atop the memory verse sheet. Students may write down as many verses as they can in the time allotted. Some students end up with a quiz score of 7 out of 5, 2 points extra credit, and they do it week after week. Verses can be used week after week.
Note that those extra credit points go into your quiz/test category.
Be smart, take advantage of the opportunity to push your grade up-up-up.

1st Quarter Projects

Note that the materials posted here for the Timeline Project do NOT include the format example sheet.

Tests and Exam Reviews